Free Spins: What are they and how can you get them?

Getting free spins is easy! All you have to do is sign up for your preferred casino and you will be on your way! We have been searching the web for the best free spins promotions out there. Here is our featured free spins bonus from Betchain. Just click, register and you will be within reach of a lucky spin that is going to make that huge jackpot rain on you! We will be looking for more promos out there to bring them right to your screen!

betchain free spins

More about Free Spins

Free spins are quite a common promotion for casinos to make. They generally consist of additional rounds that you get for free to play for money on a given game, traditionally slot machines. This means that nothing will be taken from your account once you press the spin button on the slot machine, except for the free spin that you just used. Many of these bonuses are given to players who already have an active account or to new players upon making a deposit. Still there are enough casinos out there interested in giving you a shot at their games for free. These casinos will let you register with them and open an account without making a deposit. Your account will then be credited with the free spins.

Loyalty Offers and Bonuses

Casinos will generally use free spins and other bonuses to give their players a small token of gratitude for playing. The general rule is that the bigger the gamer is, the bigger the bonus he or she will get. The objective of free spins bonuses could be different. Casinos might be promoting a new game that they want you to try, so they may issue free spins on it for you to play and get a chance to win. Other free spin offers might be time sensitive. Casinos try to make it comfortable for you to play, so they will issue free spins and other bonuses to match the times of day in which gamers play the most.

Completely Free No Deposit Free Spins

There are casinos that will actually give you a free spin bonus that requires no prior deposits. Although these promotions are not easy to find, our staff is actively looking for them in order to bring them to you. These free spins bonuses will require you to register an account with the casino that is offering the bonus. After all, even when you get a no deposit bonus, you can still hit the jackpot with it, and the casino would need to credit an account with the winning prize.

In some cases, casinos will ask you to contact support after you have registered so that they can credit your account with the free spins. This is a pretty standard procedure, and it shouldn’t take long before you can use those free spins and win. The objective of the casino is to give you a great welcome, so they will just credit your account with the free spin bonus quickly. Here are a few things to consider when a casino offers you free, no deposit spins:

  • Make sure you read the conditions for the bonus.
  • Make sure you register an account, since you can actually win on a free spin!
  • Find out which games are the free spins good on.
  • If it is a no deposit promotion, make sure that there are no deposits required to acquire your free spins.

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